Rocky Handsome Trailer 2015 | John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nathalia Kaur | First Look - WebTv

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John Abraham and Nishikant Kamat, who had teamed up for the action thriller ‘Force’, will come together again for another edge-of-the seat thriller titled ‘Rocky Handsome’, which is reportedly the remake of a Korean flick titled ‘The Man From Nowhere’. ‘Rocky Handsome’, which also stars Shruti Haasan and Nathalia Kaur, revolves around a man, who embarks on a bloody campaign of vengeance when a little girl, with whom he shares a special bond, is kidnapped by members of a drug mafia to recover drugs that the little girl’s mother, played by Nathalia, had stolen from them. The film will reportedly have hard-core action scenes and Kamat has said that the team has roped in international stunt technicians from Eastern Asia to work on the film. John will also undergo a grueling fitness regimen to develop an impressive physique for the role.John AbrahamShruti Haasan as RukshidaNathalia Kaur as AnnaDiya Chalwad