Priyanka Chopra Hot Car $ex Scene In Quantico - LEAKED - WebTv

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The gorgeous Priyanka Chopra will be seen playing an FBI agent in upcoming ABC show ‘Quantico’ and the actress has shown her wild side in the trailer of the show, which was unveiled a few days back.The trailer features Chopra as Alex Parrish, who heads to Quantico to train to be a FBI agent and ends up having steamy sex in a car with a man named Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), who she had met on the plane and had a flirty chat with while flying to Virginia. Not only this, after the wild encounter, Priyanka is seen casually wearing her lacy lingerie and acting quite casual about the encounter.What’s more, when she runs into Ryan at the FBI academy and he pretends to not know her, Alex candidly scoffs at him for pretending to not know her despite having sex with her in a car, which shocks the other cadets around the duo.Well, we must say we are liking Priyanka’s wild side in the Quantico trailer a lot. We just hope she could be as uninhibited in her Bollywood projects.