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A couple of days back, a video clip featuring a semi-nude Radhika Apte had gone viral and it seems that director Anurag Kashyap has taken it up with the Mumbai police to bring the culprit to book.Talking about the incident, Kashyap said that the clip was part of a short film that he had shot for the international film market and that the leaking of the video clip without any context has put a sexual spin on the story, though the film does not aim to titillate. Kashyap added that as a director, he feels responsible for this and has approached the Mumbai Police Commissioner, who has asked the elite Cyber Crime Cell to look into the incident. Kashyap also praised Radhika for being a brave actress and vowed to not rest till the culprit was apprehended.A few months back, a set of photographs showing a nude woman resembling Radhika had gone viral, but at the time, the actress had clarified that it was not her, though she has always maintained that as an actress, she finds nudity to be quite liberating.Radhika, who was last seen in Hunterrr, will be next seen in Bombairiya.For More Updates:Subscribe to us on us on -